Meet Martin

Meet Martin

Martin Tuller is the friendly face of the Fayetteville Visitors Center. But we like to call him Fayetteville’s Ambassador to the World.

As annoyingly cliche as it sounds, Fayetteville is so much more to us than just our home town. Six years ago, we pulled up our roots in Little Rock, packed up our little people and puttered into town in hopes of opening up a new chapter. After all, I spent four years getting my scholar on at the U of A, was a proud and oft times awkward member of the Razorback Marching Band (file that under “Random and Unnecessary Facts About Beth”)… I even met my husband here at a Dead Day party. So, it was inevitable that we’d eventually find our way back to the turf that nurtured us in our unencumbered youth. 

We came back because we knew, of all the places we could have chosen to raise our tribe, Fayetteville was… home. The community. The funky local vibe. The diversity. The flair. The farmers. The parks. The trails. The food. The arts. The football. (Oh, the football…) But, most compelling, the people. And the longer we stay here, the more we fall in love with you, over and over again. 

And so, with that, I’d like to welcome you to the first (hopefully of many) edition of our newest social media venture. As a small business in a community that is so focused on supporting our neighbors, we wanted to launch a series of exposés, if you will, to simply feature and give a great big shout out to the best (and often times unseen) efforts of Fayetteville.

It’s still pretty organic, guys. I can’t lie. I’d love to tell you we’ve got a wrinkle-free plan. But, you’d all see through it pretty quickly, anyway. (Not to mention, I’d HATE to have the accountability that comes along with promising things I simply can’t deliver. Which… basically applies to ANYTHING I do.) But, the nuts and bolts are simple. We go around Fayetteville, finding the faces of neighbors who are working tirelessly and often thanklessly to improve the lives of others and the community in which we live. We’ll snap a quick pic, ask them a few questions, and offer you, our six readers, a little look into what they’re doing to help make Fayetteville a fantastic place to live. We’ll post it all up on our blog (ta-da!!) in the hopes to drive awareness of just how powerful the efforts of a single NWA neighbor can be. Not to mention, we think they just plain-ol’ deserve some awesome praise. 

Here’s the deal. In launching this Cavecloth venture (this insane, risky, cliff-diving, rollercoaster, questionable venture) we’ve learned many things.




BUT, the lesson that rings loudest right now is that, above all other goals we may be seeking as a business, we’ve got to remain centered in community. And regardless how it may or may not impact our bottom line, we have an opportunity as a local business to serve as a voice for the good. And that’s really all we want to do. 

So, here it is folks. The first edition of Cavecloth Cares: “Featuring the best threads that make up the cloth of NWA.” 

(See what I did there? You’re welcome.) 

Cavecloth Cares Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Martin Tuller

Visitor Services Manager, Fayetteville Visitors Bureau, August 2014 to present

In a nutshell, what do you do, Martin? 

“In addition to providing information on local attractions, advice on what to see and do, restaurant recommendations and general knowledge of the city and Northwest Arkansas, I am responsible for the buying and merchandising of the Fayetteville Visitors Center gift shop.”

That’s great! What a unique opportunity to meet and greet the faces that come to experience our great town. Aside from what you do, what do you love about what you do?  

“I love sharing my love of my hometown with visitors and locals alike. Particularly, I enjoy sharing the history of our town and all the changes I have seen. Also, being able to meet people from all over the country and the world is always an incredible experience.”

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“The love of my husband of 36 years, our comfortable surroundings. Gratitude for another day of sharing life with the many folks who mean so much to us, and the wonder of what the day ahead could bring.” 

What about your work helps you sleep at night?

“The smiles on visitors’ faces after my interaction with them. I know they left with not only a beautiful memory of our city, but if in some small way, I enhanced their visit, that makes me proud to do what I do.” 

What is one thing about Fayetteville that inspires you to give back? 

“The diversity of our community and the accepting and inclusive nature of most of our citizens. The co-mingling of different cultures and values impact our city in such a positive way.”

What is one thing you’d like people to know about the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau that they may not already understand? 

“I wish more locals knew about the changes in our retail gift shop over the past two years. We are truly a one-stop shop for local food, chocolate, t-shirts, razorback merchandise, post cards, books, souvenirs and gifts.” 

fayetteville-visitors-centerThe Fayetteville Visitors Center is located on the southwest corner of the Fayetteville Downtown Square. Stop in. Say hi to Martin, and give him a high five for being a fantastic ambassador for our fair town. Stick around and browse the shop while you’re there. You may even find some Cavecloth you just can’t live without. 

Thanks for all you do, Martin! Cavecloth cares about you! 

by Beth Allison

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