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Eco-friendly, hand-printed custom t-shirt that’s super soft to the touch and features a Fayetteville Arkansas graphic design

Fayetteville, Ark. Short Sleeve

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Call us crunchy. Hippy-trippy. Hill folk. Say what you may about our stomping grounds, we’ll stay true to Fayetteville, Arkansas to the end. If you live here, you know. If you don’t, come visit. it’s full of friendly smiles (and a little granola). 

Take a good look at this amazing hand-printed, Cavecloth-original design plopped right down on a super-soft, preshrunk, cotton-poly premium t-shirt. Printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks, each t-shirt arrives to you with a Cavecloth logo on the back (which, we think, is pretty amazing and should probably be slapped just about everywhere.) Our performance tees are fashioned from soft, moisture-wicking, poly-blend fabric. Sixty percent preshrunk ring-spun cotton. Forty percent polyester. One hundred percent awesome. You’re welcome. 

Slightly fitted, and individually hand-printed, each one is guaranteed to be unique. We refuse to put more crummy cloth into the world, and so we refuse to print with typical t-shirt processes. Instead of using plastisol ink (that’s t-shirt speak for “Eww. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever put on my body. It’s cracking. It’s peeling. It’s in no way contributing to world peace.”), every Cavecloth t-shirt is printed with environmentally-conscious water-based inks. They wash away with (get this…) WATER, require no harmful chemicals to clean up, and best of all, leave you with the world’s greatest t-shirt.

And because we print each t-shirt individually right here in our little cave in Fayetteville, Arkansas, (instead of farming it out to a big, impersonal, automated factory shop) your purchase supports our local tribe’s economy. (And, who are we kidding… puts food in our kids’ lunch boxes.) But, most importantly, your purchase of a small-batch, mom-and-pop, Cavecloth tee just makes you look cooler than anyone else. True story.

Our t-shirts run a smidgen small and are considered a fashion-fit. So, if you’re on the rock wall about what size to take home, we encourage you to order a size up. (No judgement, folks. Just love.)

New option available on select tees! If you’re the strong, silent type, and words are not your thing, you can specify “no text” on your t-shirt by selecting from the drop down menu on your screen. (Technology. It’s changing the world, people.)