Moving on up.

January 1 of this year, Cavecloth celebrated 4 years in the trenches of small business. And March 1 of this same year, we are beside ourselves in anticipation to celebrate yet another big moment in our small mom-and-pop journey…

We’re moving!

Where, you ask? Well. Listen up cloth junkies, we’re gunna be everywhere YOU are! Your living room, your office, your bathroom, your car… (…okay, so maybe don’t search for us while you’re driving…)

Simply, Cavecloth has outgrown our little shop at Township and Gregg in Fayetteville. And thanks to your support, we need bigger digs and a better way to serve you. So, we’re going into a larger, better equipped facility that will allow us to do all the great things we’ve been dreaming of these past four years. Which means amazing things for you! Especially those of you who may not live close to our little shop.

Starting March 1, all the cloth you’ve wanted will still be available, but it will be easier than ever to get into your hands through our improved e-commerce site,

  • Free site-wide shipping!
  • Continue to custom-build your perfect tee!
  • More options to shop through our fantastic local retailers!

It’s big, y’all. It’s a big fat space with big fat opportunity. And you get to reap all the reward. We won’t be the traditional brick and mortar retail you may have come to love. (And let’s be honest, we’re gunna miss our little shop that’s provided us the wonderful opportunity to regularly see your faces.) But, this just means more time and attention on our part in getting more custom cloth in your hands.

We’re still local. We’re still small. We’re still a two-man mom and pop dedicated to hand-printing the softest tees in Arkansas. We just need a few more square feet to keep the cave fires burning.

Township and Gregg has been a loving home for our cave. If you’re available in the next few weeks, come see us and help us bid her a fond farewell. And then, we’ll happy dance together and we’ll tell you all about this new venture that awaits!