Wake up. The flint’s a’sparkin’.

I wish there were a good explanation for this display… of sorts. Sadly, and ashamedly, there isn’t. I couldn’t, in all honesty, really even tell you what’s going on here. I think poor judgment and wildly skewed self-serving principles were at play. We wanted some pictures for the site, and conned our extremely talented, artistic and sweetly obliging

photog friend to snap a few shots. 

Clearly, had we been on the other side of the lens…ahem. (M.W., sweet photog friend, we’ll settle your therapy bills later.) But here’s the thing, see. We’ve got this great new journey we’re on. And at its inception, we mistakenly assumed it was OUR story. When in fact, it has little to do with us as individuals. (Thank goodness… any more “us” pictures and we’re tanked.)

This is a story of a culture. A community. And (pardon the existentialism), it’s your story. At least, it can be, if you’re open to it. My life story is rather beige. Out-of-town boy meets nerd-girl at a keg party in college. Boy makes it unabashedly clear he likes nerd-girl. Nerd-girl giggles and scurries back to her dorm to write a paper. Eventually, it all worked out. Wedding. Babies. Jobs. Life. But, also eventually, despite our best attempts at being the best possible keg-party-charmer/nerd duo around, we reached a dead end. And we were merely in our mid twenties… major buzz kill.

No need to rehang all our dirty laundry. You can read about it (assuming you have a strong resolve, enough coffee and even care to make it through the whole thing) here. The point is, we felt a void. Addressed it. And, for better or worse, have decided to do something about it.

Now, here’s where you come in. Granted, your story could be a flippin’ fairytale for all I know. You may very well be living your dreams, waking up daily and loving the direction your life is taking, proud and satisfied with your role as a spouse, parent, sibling, friend. Happy with yourself. You’ve found spiritual balance. Not just surviving, but thriving. (More power to you. If that’s you, drop me a line. We can use you here at Cavecloth.) In reality, I couldn’t count on two toes the people that fit that description. Certainly not Wilson. Not me. But, we can get there. We’re moving in that direction, and thought, “Hey, maybe someone else wants to get there, too.” And, really, what’s the fun in finding a new path all by your lonesome, anyway? If you’re gunna take a road trip, everyone knows it’s more fun with friends, good food, and well-planned activities. And that’s all we’re really trying to do.

So, welcome to Cavecloth… a small business with big stone age dreams. And we’re stoked to invite you to be a part of this very cool journey. We’re all about simple living for the super life. We know we’ve got a lot clubs to swing and fires to build to keep this cave in working order, but, as they say, there’s no time like the present. Sure, the cave is constantly under construction, but we’re adding new nooks and crannies every day. Our primal gear is available online, through our local retailers and in our very own retail cave in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Here in this little corner of the inner webs, we’ll be posting recipes, exercise and lifestyle tips, and, if you’re lucky, more awkward and inexplicable photos. So, poke your head in every now and again. We’re super friendly cave peeps.